Apothecary formulas have been handed down in my family for generations. From grandmother to mother to daughter, the ingredients have remaining a family secret. I have used the formula that I bring to you, for years, as a skin care product for cuts, abrasions. burns and even insect bites.

My hope is that you will find as many used for this salve as I have and keep it in your medicine cabinet and first aid kit.

Blessed be.
Amrita Ma

It works wonders on dry skin. I use it mainly on my eczema psoriasis outbreaks…..the scales were reduced so much that others noticed. This is an awesome product.
Suzanne from Santa Barbara , Ca.

This salve has been my little miracle. I can now wear shorts without embarrassment.
Elizabeth from Ventura , Ca

This salve has stopped the itching from my dry skin. And it works great for massages.
Richard from Santa Barbara , Ca.